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Which is Better Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem

Have difficulty choosing between Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem? Wonder which is better Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem? It is good that you are asking these questions because there are certain things you would better know before you select the diet plan for you. Let's move on and figure out which program is better Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem and what are the main peculiarities of each of them.

Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem comparison


Jenny Craig menu offers 80 kinds of food, but most of them are not everyday foods. Besides, Jenny Craig does not include superfoods. Nutrisystem provides with 150 food options with everyday choices. What is more, this diet plan does not include heavy calorie meals.


Only the tiny minority of the clients of Nutrisystem have left negative comments about the way the food tastes. Also, there is an opportunity to guarantee you are satisfied with the taste by ordering a single food before you buy in a bulk. Some people say that Jenny Craig food tastes not really good. Moreover, they claim that the menu includes repetitive items so that you might soon get bored with. However, if the taste is customizable for you, you can lose weight with Jenny Craig diet very effectively.

Food Storage

You can store almost all the Nutrisystem food at a room temperature. Some of them are delivered frozen so that you will need a refrigerator and microwave to use them. Jenny Craig delivers only frozen prepackaged food so it might be rather challenging for you to store it.


Nutrisystem provides almost every help you need on its tutorials, forums, FAQs section, email, phone, and live chat. The support of it is round the clock so you will not have to worry because there is always someone to assist you. Jenny Craig offers support in the local centers during business hours and also you can reach them by email or phone.


With a help of Nutrisystem, you can lose from 3 to 5 pounds initially. Later on, the weight loss is expected to be from one to three pounds per week. But note that you should strictly obey the rules of the program. With Jenny Craig, you might view from 1 to 2-pound weight loss per week.


The only option of Nutrisystem is to order the products online because it does not have its centers anywhere. So you can order the food sitting at home and be delivered with it as soon as it is possible to immediately begin your diet. On the contrary, Jenny Craig offers its food both online and in its local centers.


Being a member of Nutrisystem program, you will have to spend about $10 to $11 per day. If you want to try Jenny Craig, the expenses will include $15 per day, $50 of the membership fee, and $130 of the shipping cost.

Now you see which is best: Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem...But this is absolutely our humble opinion which you might ignore if you want. Instead of still wondering which diet is best Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem we would recommend you to stand in front of your mirror and smile to your reflection:) Are not you gorgeous? Do not lose your temper and never give up on reaching your goals and making your dreams come true.

Bon Appetit!

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