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The author of the Cardinal Rose newsletters, Patty Willett, met Jeanie about a year after Jeanie opened the grocery store. Patty had learned she was gluten intolerant and excited to find Cardinal Rose as a source for organic GF products. Patty’s writing background was primarily in developing ancillary materials for language arts textbooks. She began writing the newsletter so she could share that being gluten free did not mean having taste-less foods. Whether the article is memory or recipe, she says she will always ‘write from the heart’ about the pleasure of cooking… even when it must be gluten free.

The Journey to Gluten Freedom

You wouldn’t think that reading a book could change a life, but it happened to me. The book influencing me in the habits of proper nutrition was How to be Healthy With Natural Foods by Marsh. It became my primary resource for preparing meals to give our whole family better health through natural foods when our children were very young. Now, segue to when my husband and I retired. After we moved to Guntersville, I began having gastric problems and found another helpful book, Eat Right 4 Your Type by D’Amado. It set me once again on the path of eating to maintain health.

Then, several years ago, I learned that my body had a severe intolerance to gluten. My husband and I took a few trips to learn about gluten free products and recipes. Being gluten free had become a necessity, and I was somewhat discouraged until, on a trip to Atlanta,  I spoke with Avery, a young woman who had Celiac disease and picked up her wonderful paperback, Avery’s Alternatives, that was chock full of recipes and resources on gluten free alternatives.  Her positive attitude encouraged me. Even now, when I flip through her recipes, I still feel encouraged. 

To me, it’s important to stay current with the changes in gluten free resources. In the last few years, I’ve also read Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s book, The G-FREE Diet, which has become a basic guide to gluten fundamentals and avoiding gluten. Finally, I have a subscription to Simply Gluten Free magazine, a bi-monthly publication, that is packed with the latest in products (many available at Cardinal Rose) and copies of which Jeanie keeps for customers to browse while enjoying Cardinal Rose’s fruit-spiced house tea.

Why am I mentioning all of what has happened in my gluten free journey? At times, being gluten free becomes a real challenge. The influence of family and friends who ask, “Well, what CAN you eat?” can be offsetting. Friends and family may not mean to discourage, but they can, especially with the question, “DON’T you ever cheat? There’s JUST a little (of a no-no ingredient).That couldn’t hurt.” No one would ask a diabetic to have sugar just as anyone with gluten intolerance, sensitivity or celiac issues does not consider a recipe using wheat, rye, barley (and sometimes oats or spelt). In lab tests, even a crumb of bread, let alone one-fifth of a slice has triggered vomiting and diarrhea, along with damage to the small intestine. The consequences can be more than serious.

It took me almost three years to be totally gluten free because I did not understand about hidden gluten or cross-contamination. Through Avery’s paperback and Hasselbesk’s book, I learned about restaurants and fast food places where I could safely order items that were gluten free and where staff was educated on the problem. I also emailed companies that sent me up-to-date information on products that were gluten free.  I don’t depend on others. I am my strongest advocate when it comes to eliminating gluten in my diet.

Jeanie Severtson’s Cardinal Rose Organic Grocery and Gluten Free Bakery is leading the Marshall County area in educating the public on gluten free and organic living. Jeanie has supported natural organic foods even before she opened Cardinal Rose. She knows that eating organically and with no additives can strengthen the immune system over time. 

I was beginning to have the positive results of eliminating gluten from my diet when my husband and I first found Cardinal Rose while on a ride around the beautiful countryside of Albertville. With Jeanie’s encouragement and knowledge it wasn’t long before my life showed the benefits of being gluten free. It has been more than three years since I have had a gluten setback. It may take time to eliminate gluten, but having a healthy life where you are not tired  and suffering from the physical and emotional effects of gluten is well worth the minor inconvenience on your gluten free journey of saying ‘no’ when saying ‘yes’ could have a negative impact on your health.  

Go Gluten Free!

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